Culver Creek Preparatory School

Culver Creek places a very high emphasis on the academic success and emotional well being of all students. Various programs, for all levels of students, challenge each Creek student to reach his or her maximum potential. Culver Creek ensures students are well equipped with the academic skills that allow them to follow their own unique academic pursuits and extracurricular endeavors in high school and beyond.
Students who should be studying

Nicole Renée | Age: 17 | Junior | FC: Ellen Page | Taken

 Descriptive bio: She’s a foreign exchange student staying with Toby Oliver She has a very thick French accent and talks in short to the point sentences as her English is not always the best. She has a rich family back home in Paris and a very embellished academic past as well as charity work. She has a kind heart and is always trying to help others before herself. She’s always trying to learn the culture and trends of this place that’s so new to her. Some people would say she’s desperate, or that she tries to hard. Her sexuality is questionable. She doesn’t know if he’s attracted to boys or girls, and she’s never been with either sex. Whenever she thinks about that kind of thing she blushes and feels terribly awkward.

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