Culver Creek Preparatory School

Culver Creek places a very high emphasis on the academic success and emotional well being of all students. Various programs, for all levels of students, challenge each Creek student to reach his or her maximum potential. Culver Creek ensures students are well equipped with the academic skills that allow them to follow their own unique academic pursuits and extracurricular endeavors in high school and beyond.
Students who should be studying

Toby Oliver | Age: 17 | Senior| FC: Andrew Vanwyngarden | Taken

    Toby is often described as somewhat of a loner kid, preferring more to be alone then with others. Although he doesn’t talk much in person, when he does, he has a lot to say. Although being a closeted gay, it’d come as no surprise to a lot of people.  Growing up with his grandparents, after the death of his father, whom had been a single father after the departure of Toby’s mother when Toby was two, he developed the want to be alone, instead of socializing with other kids his age. The ups to living with his grandparents though, was the fact that his grandmother had taught him how to play piano, one of Toby’s favorite pass times. But as he grew up, his grandmother thought it’d only be right to send him to a boarding school, to make sure he didn’t end up as a ‘hoodlum’ like his mother, but Toby didn’t put up a fight.
    Unfortunately, Toby had soon become a victim of continuous bullying, from physical to verbal bullying. This only made him even more closed off than he already was.

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